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Ficciones Typografika

Series 1 of 3
The public exhibition space
Detail of series 1
Series 2 of 3
Detail of series 2
Detail of series 2
Series 3 of 3
The public exhibition space
Detail of series 3

Ficciones Typografika” is a project dedicated to typographic exploration in a public space and is curated by Erik Brandt. The exhibition surface is a 72″ × 36″ poster board which can host three 24″ × 36″ posters at a time.

I contributed a total of three series which were on display in Minneapolis in January and March 2014: The first series shows an excerpt from a text about ephemeral typography (written in 2013), the second one consists of a collection of urban palimpsests from Istanbul, Berlin, and Florence. The third and final series presents a translation of the first series’ text.

Photography by Erik Brandt.

60.96 cm × 91.44 cm each, black printing on white and coloured paper, unique copies.