Hagen VerlegerTypography & Book Design

Mit Pinsel und Palette

“With Brush and Palette,” a children’s book about famous artists and their works
Front and back cover (half-linen)
Four spreads, including title, table of contents, and artists’ profiles
Title spread with front end paper
Detail of the table of contents
Exemplary artist’s profile
Four spreads, including introductory pages, artists’ profiles, and text spreads
Artist’s profile “Paul Klee”
Text spread “Paul Klee”
Text spread “Paul Klee” (detail)
Stack of books

“With Brush and Palette”—layout and typographical design for a children’s book about 20 famous artists and their works. Art direction and illustration by Hans Baltzer, michhof:atelier.

21.5 × 26.5 cm, 160 pages (4C), edition of 500, published by Gerstenberg Verlag.