Hagen VerlegerTypography & Book Design

Recto Verso Index

Cardboard box containing the examined photographs
Intermediate result of one of the processes of ordering
Book cover with hot foil stamping
Detail of the hot foil stamping
A quotation from W. G. Sebald’s “Austerlitz”
Detail of the Sebald quotation
Four B/W spreads, introducing the photographic material and process
Full-scale reproduction of the found box
First spreads, combining places and persons
Detail of a spread dedicated to “unpopulated places”
“Verso” of the previous page (left) and “recto” of the next page (right)
Detail of images arranged according to the manufacturer’s stamp
Spread dedicated to all numbered photographs, sorted ascendingly
Detail of a spread dedicated to “recurring persons”
Spread showcasing dated photographs in chronological order
Typographic representation of different inscriptions
Detail of the typographically encoded inscriptions
Spread from the “Index”
Detail of the index, sorted by dimensions and format
Another four B/W spreads, introducing the photographic material and process
Detail of the photo stacks
Detail of the box’s unordered content
Stack of books

Appropriation of a found collection of private photographs by repeated rearrangement of the images—according to different organising principles, arisen from the material itself, such as format, colour, inscription, dating, content, etc.

Stiftung Buchkunst featured this book on their longlist for the “Förderpreis für junge Buchgestaltung,” an award honouring the most promising young book designers from Germany. It has also been nominated for a “German Design Award.”

27 × 36 cm, 176 pages (B/W and 4C), edition of 3, self-published.